Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Radical change...

So, every year for almost a DECADE, we've been doing a WINTER RETREAT the first weekend of each year with our PCC young adults. It's always been a great time being together, sitting around by the fire, singing, praying, and of course snowboarding. Watch videos of some of the past years here:





But after reading RADICAL by David Platt, and really wrestling with what it means to FOLLOW JESUS this season, I sensed God leading our ministry to make a radical decision.  Instead of going to the mountains to shred some snow this season, we'll be walking the streets, praying, showing grace and preparing the way for God's kingdom in one of of the most needy places in our Bay Area: The Tenderloin of SAN FRANCISCO. (It was chapter 3,  5 & 6 of Radical specifically that challenged me).

JANUARY 6-8 2012 come SERVE...come FOLLOW JESUS..and expand God's kingdom by praying, showing grace, and discipling the Tenderloin w/a great ministry called SF City Impact.

I want to be the Church. I want to disciple and multiply community. I want to see God's power. I want to love the poor and sacrifice my time and resources for the glory of God. It was evident that our young adults were also craving this, too! So, I thought this season we could do without a trip focused on us having fun in the comfort of our traditional winter cabins with fireplaces, to join a radical movement, a church seeking to radically love the poor.

THE MOST amazing part is our friend AUTUMN BUZZELL, currently serving in Ghana will be back in California for the same weekend with her mission leaders John and Stacy to join us and spend time sharing stories and preparing us for our MAY 2012 mission to CITY OF REFUGE, serving and loving on African orphans and kids who've been rescued from being trafficked into the fishing industry. How radical is that???  Ghana and the Tenderloin. Sharing stories with people in San Francisco being freed from addiction and violence with what God is doing and how he is rescuing and transforming people across the world in Africa from slavery to freedom.

The schedule will be something like:
Team time, Worship gatherings, sharing stories with fellow SF City Impact friends,
City of Refuge (John, Stacy, Autumn) teach us what God is doing in Ghana, music, etc.
Work in the Rescue Mission, Volunteer Center, Kitchen, Thrift Store or  Construction  and
Street Ministry (prayer walking, door to door showing grace: meeting immediate physical needs, laying hands on people for healing, etc).

MORE INFO on this serving retreat AFTER THE FALL RETREAT (Nov 18-20 at Mt. Hermon).