Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Eulogy for my Gnome

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.

The espresso machine was crankin out the magic java and Wendy was making a fritatta.

The Gapastiones were preparing for some guests.

The gnome at the door held a post it note that said, "Come on in and

don't make sound, we don't want the baby to cry."

Little did we know this would be the day our beloved gnome would die.

Everyone arrived with smiles and fun banter,

but no one could have forshadowed the events that happened after.

When our time had come to a close, we said our goodbyes,

and ushered our friends back out through the door.

With a crash and a bang,

and someone shouting, "Oh Dang,"

Our morning came to a halt.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry. I didn't even see him there."

Sigh. I"t's OK."

I see how this could happen.

He's so small, so small and so fragile, (and I even thought he was wooden).

His death came by a huge leather purse

and now his body is carried off by a wee- little hearse.

One swift swing to his dome-

did in our poor friend the gnome.

So, Goodbye forever Mr. Broom-holding, hobbit-looking thing.

May you rejoice as you hear all the angels sing in the presence of our almighty king.

One last thing I'd like to say.

You brought us such joy, as we proudly displayed you in our garage.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A film showing Sunday 7/29 at Mercy Cafe

Invisible Children will be shown Sunday night at 8:30pm in Fellowship Hall. This documentary (PG-13) focuses on the thousands of children that flee their homes nightly in order to escape being abducted as a child soldier Uganda’s war. This movie will move you. See more info by clicking here

Watch the Trailer HERE

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Deep Saturday 7/14 Red Morton Park RWC

USUALLY The Deep is held in homes. A time to worship and be the Church in communion with God and each other. This month we'll venture outside, literally. We don't need walls. We'll meet at 120 Roosevelt Ave. in Redwood City

We'll meet at Red Morton Park around 6pm. Bring stuff to grill out for dinner and expect we'll gather on blankets (be sure to bring some) to worship by praying, singing, connecting, and just being. Spread the word, this is a change. And God may open doors for others in the park, let's pray that God would use us to bless others.
Dress warm in case of cold and bring flashlights to see your Bibles!

For directions click the Red Morton link here!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Prayer Retreat This Saturday!!

This month's discipleship time is a PRAYER RETREAT!

A time to pray together, alone, in silence, on a trial/hike, and in comfortable home setting with beautiful outside options.

Saturday July 7th, 9:30am to 1pm.

The prayer retreat will happen in a secret, peaceful location. Meet at PCC's parking lot where the Emma Rhen playground. Plan on coming and staying for the whole time. Plan on car-pooling (for only 15 minutes to our location) or following the group. (If you can't make it for the whole time, then maybe next time you can participate).

Bring your Bible/Journal, comfortable clothes, hiking shoes and/or a blanket if you want, and plenty of water and/or juice. You can spend the whole time indoors if you want so don't feel obligated to be outside-it's just an option.

See you Saturday morning. We will finish by 1pm. You may consider fasting for the morning and breaking it by going out to lunch afterward. (No food will be provided during the retreat).

Invite other people. Questions? email


Sunday, July 01, 2007


Recycling is a priority for me. I believe it's a mandate for Christ followers to love creation and take care of it. I think littering is a sin. Being careless will effect our future. I remember one time when my mom saw a guy throw a full bag of fast food garbage out of his car window. I was about ten years old. She sped up to the next stoplight and pulled next to him with her window rolled down and yelled, "Because of you my kids have to grow up in a dirty world." I was totally embarrassed, but I can never forget that experience. She was right. How we live will impact our future. We have a responsibility to be a good steward with our stuff and think about future generations. AND recycling not only honors God but it comes with an added bonus. Watch the video to find out.