Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overheard in public

Mother to her adolescent son:

"Well, you can't expect people to understand you if you're going to make up your own definitions for words... and I just don't have the patience for it today."


Isn't that what we all want? To be understood? You can just imagine what he was saying to her right before, "But Mooooom, why can't you just understand me!!!"

Monday, June 29, 2009

sidewalk chalk

I usually give a pack of sidewalk chalk to newly married couples. It's a symbol of how, if they're willing, they can be used in the lives of kids to make a difference. Kids just love spending time with people who'll love them. Get on your hands and knees and just draw with kids, you'll see how they will just let you in their heart. I liked this picture.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Quote Unquote"

Tonight we said goodbye to Revelation and now we move on to Proverbs, (as a PCC church family), I also closed out an on-line Seminary course (in the same subject). My prof sent this out to all of us students, and it reminded me of what God wants us to be:
"We may sometimes catch ourselves saying that we aspire to be the “New Testament church,” but it would be more appropriate (in my view) if we instead aspired to be the “Biblical people of God.” In practical terms, this means that we must study and teach the Old Testament as energetically as we study and teach the New Testament. And by “we” I don’t mean each of us individually! I mean “we” the body of Christ. It’s a team project."
-Rich Erickson
Fuller Seminary

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reviewing my last week from Father's day June 21-today June 28th.

Thumbs UP. Great week. I just have to recap:
When a dad's birthday falls in the same week as Father's day, some might feel the way people who have birthdays at Christmas. (Y'know, "kill two birds and give one gift?"). Not that I'm looking for gifts, I just really scored a great week.
Last Sunday it started with heart shaped pancakes and coffee when I woke up! Happy Dad's day from my family! I loved it.

We had some great family hang out time. My wife blessed me. I love her and I love being married to her and being a dad to my two girls.
Side note, For my daughter's 2nd birthday she got a playhouse and a family with Dad, Mom, and two daughters. Sound familiar?
Here's a picture of the dad figure:

What does this image say about how fathers are seen in our culture? (Besides possibly that men aren't masculine enough, I mean, really, he looks slightly feminine). This seemingly "innocent" toy gives a wrong impression of fathers or just affirms the stereotype that I don't want to be: always seen with cell phone in hand. I know I'm not the only dad that struggles with this because I've seen many dads, at restaurants or parks, talking on phones while their kids wait in the wings. (Even a grandpa figure has a crazy big phone.) I am striving to be seen with my phone less in my hands so that my hands are free to hug, chase, and carry my girls around! (This means I often leave my phone at home while on walks or at the park).

So... on to GAP AT THE MOVIES! Review time.

Three movies in one week. THAT'S RIGHT! I actually got to sit in the movie theater three different times in one week. That's the benefits of having a birthday the same week as Father's day! (Thanks again to my wife! She knows what I love!). So here are my reviews:

Star Trek. I FINALLY got to see this 5 star movie. Over two hours but I was never bored. I was always more of a Star Wars fan so I worried if I would feel "left out" of the inside info, but that wasn't an issue at all. The story moves fast, the acting is so believable, and the plot makes sense. It makes you question, "Am I living out my greater purpose?" So, if you are way behind in your movie viewing, check this out.

Moon. This indy flick, in limited release, is very well done. Dark and a bit sad, but a great commentary on identity and controversial issues. Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor, and you'll agree as he plays two different people, sort of, in the movie. I don't want to spoil it. I highly recommend this. It was a bonus for me cause I hang out with good friend Matt Nightingale.

Now on to the little blip on the greatness of my week.

Transformers. I fell asleep. A friend commented on facebook saying, "At 2.5 hours...it was 1.5 hours too long." I second that. It needed a lot more editing for me to green light this flick. I've always been a huge Transformers fan. I grew up with every single one of those toys awaiting me at the foot of my bed every morning I woke up. I loved playing with them, watched the cartoons, and loved the first movie. Shia LeBeouff is going to have a great career as an actor. There's no denying he's good. Michael Bay brought , blow-em up action but the story had many holes, lacked substance, and tried to hard ( what ended up lame) laughs. Therefore my suspension of disbelief "grace" was not willing to cover over the length. And yet, it still sold out the box office and will probably go on to make a third installment. I just hope they don't try to sell tickets by lowering the bar with more "potty humor." Spoiler alert: I mean, come on, humping dogs, ok, ha-ha, but then a humping robot. I just rolled my eyes. My wife also cracked me up when she said something about how even running through the dessert the lead actress, Megan Fox, had glistening lips and perfect hair. Ben Mankiewicz of At the Movies reviewed it and had some funny things to say about it, too.

So besides much time at the pool trying to escape the heat wave here in Redwood City it was a relaxing weekend that ended the week with a great concert, in one of my favorite cities, with a new favorite band.


The only "Transformers" worth being mentioned right now are the ones being changed by God's work (that's a ping that requires a movie review in a later post). I was emailed this video below portraying changed lives of students at UC Santa Barbara. The second woman featured is a part of our church family. I met her two years ago on Father's Day and (with with some other women) prayed with her and seriously before my eyes saw God do something in her. She suffered some serious wounds but with God's love and the support of community she began a great healing process. Now, two years later, after letting God do a lot of work in her, she is a college graduate and an intern with Campus Crusade for Christ. I love TRANSFORMATION!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

...um, SaraLee? Jesus said so..

Ok, so SaraLee, with the mission to DELIGHT YOU EVERY DAY, came up with this advertising slogan sighted on the sides of delivery trucks in our local grocery store. Catchy, kind of, but it's an interesting perspective on how much of advertising (which I have been a part of through commercials and other acting stuff) feeds consumers ideas about what will satisfy. (See this old school commercial). Don't we all sometimes believe, even for just a moment, that SOME THING (food, clothing, relationship toy, car, any dazzling new item) can provide some sort of happiness or satisfaction? And when we believe it we instantly must have it. I've found myself in that funny place with coffee. Yes, even my beloved espresso drinks have failed me! I have one or two almost every day and I have to admit there are times when I get all excited for some grande goodness only to honestly feel a little "let down" after sipping to the end of the cup within 20 minutes. It might seem silly but it's God's little reminder to me that all the great things, all pleasures in our life, ALL END. Everything good (and bad) comes to an end. Roller coaster rides end, great dates, vacations, wedding days, sexual encounters, books, food entrees, and that "high" (whatever causing it) comes to an end. Ever get that same feeling after watching a big blockbuster movie? You pay (currently in my theater) $10.50 for a 2 hour escape where the action and effects take you to far off lands, only to have the lights go up to realize you're in a movie theater, with popcorn all over the floor, and it's time to go home. That's how God created life-constant reminders that all it has to offer isn't enough and won't fully satisfy. Only HE can give us the full contentment we long for and I'm glad for that..or I'd be constantly chasing after false substitutes. I pray that the world, that I, would know who (God) and what (everything about himself) really satisfies...and settle for nothing less.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pawn Shop kings

This band is coming to Redwood City June 28th! I hope if you're around you'll come. If not, just go to itunes and support them. Good music!

Monday, June 08, 2009


Heads up. It's June already. What? Yes. Summer is here.

For me it means:

Father's Day!
Lots of pool time with my kids
More sunscreen than normal (Did you know we should be wearing it daily no matter what the season)
SUMMER MOVIES! Transformers...
Annual Tahoe vacation (Beautiful. See this pic. No joke, Blue water!)
No School!! (Yes, I'm STILL working on my Masters).
PCC Young Adults small groups in Red Morton Park starting June 16th.
Thursday Night Movies OUTSIDE downtown RWC
Hot Water Weekend (7/31-8/2)

and this past weekend's WHITE WATER RAFTING TRIP! IT WAS A BLAST!!