Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Someone from our church family took a picture of me while I was leading one of our PCC worship gatherings Sunday. It's rare that I'm in a tie but here's some proof. Our 9am gatherings are more traditional and so music and dress a more traditional expression. (I love how my hands in are in the "prayer position," it almost looks staged).
I spoke through Colossians 3 emphasizing verse 23 as part of our summer RENEW focus.
To listen go to http://www.wearepcc.com/#/sundays/messages

Whatever you do, work at it as though you were working for the Lord and not for human masters.

I was renewed in huge ways this summer through the book of Colossians. God has shown me how to renew my mind to who I am and to who he is! We have the fullness of Christ (2:10) and I want to live this every day, worshiping him in everything I do. We don't have to ask God to give us fullness-we have it already by faith-those of us in Christ. Worship isn't just singing, Church isn't just Sundays in a building. Worship is our life, and the Church is God's people on a radical mission to bless and love the world to see God's kingdom expand! (For more on my church thoughts see: 


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