Saturday, November 28, 2009

iMix: November Music

Check out some faves of mine for November. All available to purchase through iTunes.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrating 5 years with my wife.

I love marriage. Today I honor my wife and in thanks to God celebrate our five years of marriage and 10+ years of friendship.
Art that hangs in our room by friend/artist: David Nyquist (painted during our wedding celebration). Inspired by John 15. Our wedding word was: ABIDE.


Chicago Dec 2004

London March 2005

Italy May 2006

Hawaii November 2006

Isella is Born. March 2007

Portland April 2007

Las Vegas April 2008

Luisa is Born February 2009

San Francisco October 2009

Five years. Five amazing years with my wife!
I'm so grateful to have this friendship with Wendy Rose, the most significant relationship of my life!

Here are the vows I repeated to her this morning, the same ones I said 5 years ago!
I, Anthony James, take you Wendy Rose to be my wife!
I realize God has entrusted you to me as a gift. I commit before God, our family, and friends to love you by first devoting my heart to God, following Jesus Christ, and living in the Holy Spirit.
I love you, and know that I can only do this through God. Because of this, I vow to be your faithful husband to strengthen and forgive you through grace and to give you courage when you need it. I will be your biggest fan. I commit to praying for you and encouraging you to become the woman God created you to be so we can glorify him together (Psalm 34:3).

Saturday, November 07, 2009

More quotes from my daughter

Reading her children's Bible and stopping on Jesus' Baptism.
Isella: "Where are their feet?"
Me: "Under the water."
Isella: "Can I see them?"
Me: "We can use our imagination and pretend."
Isella (She then held her breath and acted like she was going under water to look).

Isella: “Daddy, can you bring Giggle Baby {doll} upstairs?
Me: "Sure (as I got to pick her up)."
Isella: "On your shoulders.”

Isella: “Daddy, can you make a big poop so I can see it?”

Isella; “I’m a girl. When I get bigger I will be a woman. And I will marry a man. I will marry YOU, Papa.”
Me: (emotionally touched) "Aww, come here, I want to give you a kiss."
Isella: “Nah.”

We got Isella and Lulu some "Butterfly Baby" dolls. 
Wendy: "What do you want to name the Butterflys?"
Isella (Matter of Factly): "Cyrill and Cereal."


Isella: "Look at this birdie- he’s on a leaf (pointing to picture)."
ME: "Yep, birds fly in the air and land in trees and they sit on leaves."
Isella: "And sometimes they poop in the air and it falls on people’s heads."