Thursday, October 26, 2006

Real life story connected to James

Last night I was in down town San Jose preparing for our Saturday event called Hallowed. The space that we are using was a former dance club. Now it is used for various ministries, events, and a homeless outreach in it's prime location across from a bench filed park with sleeping homeless campers. On Wednesday nights it is used for an elementary aged boys Bible club (mostly Hispanic). We were setting up our room and listening to the crazy screams of sugar filled kids playing basketball and making crafts. Around 8:30pm the club finished and they were leaving the building one by one, parents were coming in and leaders were cleaning up. I happened to be unloading some supplies from the car when I noticed one of the boys hanging outside and talking with the men who were camping out for the night. A parental instinct fired up in me and I wondered if that boy was safe there. Had he alerted the leaders that he had gone out of the building? So I went in and gave the pastor inside a heads up that one of his boys was hanging with the homeless men outside. The leader poked his head outside and said, "Oh, actually he's homeless, too." My heart sank. Really? He's homeless, too? Can I take him home? This is America not Africa. I guess I forgot that it's possible for kids to be homeless and with out daily necessities in our country, in our state, too. What a timely thought as PCC goes through James' words about caring for widows and orphans, not showing favoritism, and putting action to our faith. What as Christ followers to do about this? It's moments like this that mess and stir up heart. I pray for God's leading in my life and yours!

Hallowed set up continues tonight and tomorrow.
Meet Jeff Murphy at 6:45 tonight at PCC Emma Rhen Playground.
Friday 10/27 same time same place.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Helping with Hallowed..

Would you like to help with Hallowed!

Meet for lunch this Saturday 1pm at Main St. Café 1pm-2:30. 150 Elm St. Redwood City

We need artists, tech people, painters, and people gifted in service to make this happen.

Then come Oct 25-27 Weds, Thursday, Friday to install the art, paint, and prepare!
The event is free Sat. Night Oct. 28th

Here is our statement:

It’s like a marathon this life we live. Some start strong but never finish. Some are reluctant to start but despite pain and exhaustion cross the finish line. Others need help to hurdle the obstacles and run the race with others. Everyone has dreams. Some see them come true, others give up. All of us have problems and issues that can either motivate us to fight and stay the course of life or enslave us and break us down. As you walk in the room think about situations in your life that you must persevere through. Are you carrying on with strength or dragging your feet through the brokenness? Watch the short movie and think about your own journey of perseverance. Where are you in the marathon? Do you want to bow out of the journey? Do you need help? Don’t give up. Stay the course. Add your journey to the wall.
An elephant (of Dr. Suess) named Horton inspired this room. He meant what he said and said what he meant no matter what happened to him. Ridicule, tragedy, and time didn’t knock him out of the journey. He stayed the course. He finished his journey. Horton hatched the egg.

Monday, October 16, 2006


This week I have been reflecting on what it means to be Great. I must admit that if I really was honest about my personal thinking of would be very results oriented. Even though I know that true greatness is not about what I can produce or perform...But if I was truly honest and didn't "spiritualize" my answer about greatness..I would say greatness is synonymous with popularity, money, numbers, publicly witnessed extraordinary events and huge stadiums filled with millions of people shouting my name. But I was gently reminded of the truth of greatness this week.

...I sat in my bed Friday morning listening to one of my favorite broadcasts. Almost daily one of my rituals is to lock into the 8:30am hour of 1100 am KFAX. (It's one of my links on my blog and you can listen online, too). Family Life Today is an amazing ministry that teaches all people. Singles,men, women, marrieds, and parents alike can learn from this show. The topic spoke so much to me. Go and listen to last week's broadcast.

I was encouraged to be faithful to God no matter what the cost. I needed to redefine my understanding of greatness...that when no one is cheering and no results can be seen, even when dreams and goals are not being met..Greatness is being faithful to God. Saying yes to his ways even when it hurts and it brings no results or popularity. It is in the secret when greatness comes. I remember the broadcast talking about reading books to your children at night. The speaker said that it's those little moments that pave the way for a great relationship with your child in the future, but it may feel insignificant in the moment. That really touched me because as I prepare for fatherhood I want nothing more that to be a great dad! I want to have a great relationship with my kids which requires lots of little "un-great" moments that will lead to truly great moments.Just like being a great man or woman of God requires times of silence, pain, wondering, and answer-less prayers that bring maturity and discipline to our lives (James 1) . That's why is it necessary that I change the way I evaluate my greatness. It's Beautifully messy, humbling, and all about God..not about me.

That same day someone emailed this excerpt from Oswald Chambers:

Getting into God's Stride..."Enoch walked with God"...Gen 5:24
The true test of a person's spiritual life and character is not what he
does in the extraordinary moments of life, but what he does during the
ordinary times when there is nothing tremendous or exciting happening..A
person's worth is revealed in his attitude toward the ordinary things of
life when he is not under the is painful work to step with
God and to keep pace with Him-means getting your second wind spiritually.
In learning to walk with God there is always the difficulty of getting into
His stride, but once we have done so, the only characteristic that exhibits
itself is the very life of God Himself. The individual person is merged into
a personal oneness with God, and God's stride and His power alone are

Friday, October 13, 2006

Beautiful Day Nov 17-19

Beautiful Day – you’ve started hearing about it – but what is it?

Beautiful Day is an opportunity for PCC to join with 40 other churches in the Bay Area (seven in Redwood City and San Carlos) to wow our communities with Christ-like love in tangible ways that don’t require words.

The big idea of BD is five-fold:
1. to serve the city through creative, innovative, and heartfelt ways that are both practical and resourceful for the needs of those in our community.
2. for the church to re-establish itself as an influential hub within our community.
3. for the church to build a strategic alliance with organizations, schools, media, government, and local businesses to partner in compassion/service venues.
4. for churches to “pay it forward” with other churches and build strategic alliances within the Christian community.
5. for the community to see that unity and compassion can come from all Christian churches, regardless of denomination, size and ethnic make-up.

PCC is doing that through several projects by ourselves and 2 projects along with six participating churches on the Peninsula.

In the words of the founder of Beautiful Day (Jon Talbert from WestGate Church, San Jose):
In my opinion… (actually it is beyond “opinion”… it is the white-hot core of who I am) the church has rediscovered Compassion to be a more accurate expression of who God is and how he brings about redemptive and transformational change to the world. I’m also convinced that the Bay Area is the most unreached people group in the US not just because of liberalism, but also because of the nature and shape of the modernist “evangelical” church. I believe that WE have done more of our share of the damage than we are willing to admit. (talk to people in the AIDS/HIV community if you don’t believe me).

This is why Compassion matters… to me, to WestGate, to other churches…. to God. This is our chance to lead a more accurate expression of a Jesus-induced-faith journey. We shut-up and show-up! We stop ranting about Jesus and start living like him. We stop shouting what we believe and start showing it. Collectively we change the perception that the Bay Area has of Jesus, his church, and his followers.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Eternal Salvation: God's choice or Ours?

Have you ever wondered about ETERNAL SELECTION? Does God choose to save some and not others? Why?

John MacArthur, Master's College President, Speaker, Author is offering for a free CD about this topic email and simply put ELECTION in the subject line. Then in the body of the email put your name and address! The will send you a free CD talking about this topic from the Bible!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

from FrankieMarkovich about Saturday 10/14

Hey All,

If you don't already have plans this Saturday then you may want to consider this. I am trying to get a group of people together to go to Great America during the day, and then the Greg Laurie Concert/Crusade in the evening. If you can or only want to attend one, then that is fine.

For Great America: Meet at PCC main parking lot at 9:15. We will go to Great America all day until about 5:00 pm. Admission is $50, but somewhere I am trying to find some $20 off coupons that I had a while back. You'll probably want some $ for food and to also pitch in for some gas/parking if you don't drive. Drivers we will coordinate the morning of. You can also meet up later in the day if you want to do that and not go as early.

For Greg Laurie, here are some details...
Basically, admission is free. Concert is free. Just gas and maybe parking at the HP Pavilion. If you have never been to a crusade before, here is your invitation. It is awesome and powerful. The bands look great too for Saturday night. This also you can meet us there if you don't want to go to Great America.

If you want to meet up with us, you can call me at 650-575-1389.

Hope to see some of you. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO FRIENDS.

Frankie Markovich

info about Hallowed for Oct. 28th

SAN JOSE, Calif. - (09/28/06) – X-Factor, a San Jose-based non-profit community group, is proud to present the fourth annual Hallowed: An Underground Awakening October 28th at 7:00pm at the Oasis in downtown San Jose. A group of local artists will plan the space with each room symbolizing the pilgrimage and challenges we face as we go through life searching for truth. Guests will embark upon a multi-sensory journey of music, film and art. Some of the Bay Area’s best alternative bands will be showcased in live onstage performances from The Edge and Finding Mercury, with returning performers An Opiate for Angels, Efata, and live mixes by DJ Incognito.Jonathan and Allison Fung, event curators, position this as a collaborative art experience created by and for the community. “This year’s Hallowed returns guests to their childhood as they journey through various children’s books and re-experience the beauty and truth they portray,” said Allison. “Through the eyes of nostalgia and the sentiments of childhood, art can establish a fantastic medium for spiritual contemplation and a lens through which we can examine our world in a simple and honest way.” “It’s inspiring to see how a free evening of art and music can cultivate a sense of community,” said Jonathan. “That’s what inspired us to create a collaborative event like Hallowed, which provides an opportunity for artists and participants to explore the connections between artistic expression and spirituality. Each individual’s life journey is different and they come to their own inner revelation through creating art and experiencing art.” Hallowed has routinely produced crowds of 500 – 600 over the past three years, and X-Factor looks forward to welcoming even more guests this year. Admission is FREE. The event will take place Saturday, October 28th, from 7:00-11:00pm at the Oasis, 200 N. First Street, San Jose, CA. Press Contact:Jonathan Fung408-813-2505

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coming up...


This Saturday-Brunch at Main St. Café 10:30am, 150 elm St. RWC.
Click here to watch "Main-St-Cafe"

MEDIA TEAM! Starts This Sunday 10/15
1pm lunch at PCC for anyone wanting to create, write, edit, produce, direct, act, etc.
email to rsvp!

Sunday night After Sunday at 6-- 10/15—We are going out to Amelia’s and Young’s ice cream for our last time. (We’ll go to a Franklin St. Café on the 22nd and 29th.)

The Deep on Friday October 20th. 8pm Choir room. We need people to read scripture that night. Interested? Email me.

Hallowed-October 28th San Jose! 7pm

Fall Retreat November 3-5 $55 covers cabins and food! Twain Harte. Brochures are available now. Pick one up on Sunday night! This weekend is an important and valuable time to build community for us! Hope you can come!

great resource!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Righteous Anger

The picture below is of a guy who is angry about war and trying to make a statement! How are you making your mark?

Frenchman Joel Bunot lies pressed on a nail-bed in Deak Square, Nagykanizsa, 240km (149 miles) from Budapest, Hungary, in his ongoing protest against war and landmines.

I am angry. I am praying.

This week Ms. Magazine is releasing a cover story that highlights thousands of women who have had abortions by name.

In summary, this story and list of names communicates how great it was that these women decided to take control of their life and abort their children. One woman found out her child would have down syndrome and made the decision because she couldn't deal with that challenge of Downs. Another woman who is listed in the article said after finding out she was pregnant (unplanned in high school) she got an abortion because quote, "I wanted to do something bigger with myself-I didn't want to be stopped by anything." The woman boasts that she could in finish high school and college and now is considering law school..all thanks to an abortion.

That saddens me and angers me. I am not angry at the women, necessarily, but angry at the idea that abortion can be so numb! It is pushed carelessly in the name of "freedom" without acknowledging the pain and trauma that comes with it. This is not even mentioning the life of a baby killed.

Are we so selfish? Are children so inconvenient that we could use abortion as a ticket to "living our dreams?" How about taking responsibility? How about making choices before to think through consequences of casual sex and sex outside of marriage where there isn't two spouses who understand sex can lead to conception! In my opinion I am addressing nothing more than those who abort because of convenience.

As I read this I was filled with anger. It is unbelievable to me that anyone would brag about an abortion with so much research stating that this act causes such emotional pain in the lives of woman for YEARS (and decades) after!

How about the Amish School shooting. That makes me mad, too! What makes you mad? Listen to Gary Gaddini's message on Anger.

Read James 1:19-21

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I pray for healthy relationships and marriages

My thoughts for the first week of October:
This weekend a member of our young adult, Laura Kostrikin, will become Laura Palm. I remember Laura when she first came to PCC over a summer 6 years ago, and then she served as an intern the following summer. She continued to grow and then joined the Sunday at 6 band. And just two weeks ago we all prayed for her and blessed her into her next phase of life. CONGRATS BEN AND LAURA!

Just thinking about that encourages me about how valuable it is to do life in community. I also continue to pray for great, healthy relationships to develop in our community, too. After being married almost two years myself, I have become more of a “matchmaker” in heart that I ever thought I would. I truly hope for the young adults of PCC to learn what it means to be Godly men/women so that each can enjoy Godly/healthy friendships with the opposite sex that someday lead to godly/healthy marriages and family. I am literally praying for this to happen in our community. I am completely for you all enjoying God’s best!

I hope you all grow together and encourage each other in this as a care group! Again, email me and let me know if you are interested in hanging out and doing a “real talk,” too. ( In our effort to be a living community/serving community here’s what’s going on!

Sunday night After Sunday at 6—going out to Amelia’s and Young’s ice-cream/possible prayer walk

Promise Keepers Oct 6-7. See Jeff Murphy for more info

Saturday-October 14th Brunch at Main St. Café 10:30am, 150 elm St.
The Deep: Friday night October 20th 8pm in the worship center basement.

Saturday October 21st. A women’s retreat called GLIMPSES OF GRACE sponsored by Women at the Well.

“Hallowed”-Halloween experience—10/28 IN San Jose at the OASIS. 7pm. Live Bands and experiential art house.

Fall Retreat November 3-5 $55 covers cabins and food! Twain Harte. More info to come! Registration is available now

Don’t forget every Tuesday and Thursday night you can serve the poor and homeless with Street Outreach in Menlo Park!

For this and more info: Please check in the following resources: