Friday, September 25, 2009

Quotes from my Daughter

We keep a little journal of things that our daughter, Isella (pronounced EE-Sella), says, Sometimes she has us cracken up and other times just in awe of the way her mind works.


Isella: That’s a cantaloupe (pointing to what she thought was an antelope).


Isella: Papa, where is Jesus Right now?


Isella: What are you doing?

Wendy: checking to see if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. What are you doing Isella?

Isella: I’m just hanging out.


Isella: I love faces. My face is furry. (She got that from Elmo, I think).


Tony: I’m going to eat cereal.

Isella: Good for you, Papa!


Isella at chiropractor’s office, after watching Wendy get an “adjustment” she says: "Mommy has BONES."


Isella: Daddy’s going to work and taking his feet.


Isella: Happy Mothers’ day Daddy. (a week after the actual mothers’ day).


Isella: Mommy what are you making for dinner?

My wife: Pasta with broccoli and sausage…

Isella: and syrrruuuppp!


Me: Please be careful on the trampoline

Isella: If I fall down a Doctor can help me and look in my ears.


Me: What do you want for lunch?



Me: What story should we tell tonight?

Isella: Let's talk about a dog named Barb.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

City on our knees

New song from Toby Mac. What do you think? (I like the song wish we didn't have to look at trendy toby the whole time :).

Here's the story behind it:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Theology bugs me

Whether it's pointing to a building and calling it "a church," (or saying, "go to church"), I get the heebee jeebies when we (Christians, people who claim to follow Jesus) misuse or incorrectly speak about God out of ignorance or especially laziness. But this week I encountered another layer of bad theology.............. in an attempt at humor.

I love reading greeting cards. In fact, when my wife and I are on dates, we often stroll into the Hallmark aisle and read cards to each other. I can easily hit the floor laughing hysterically. Give me a witty scenario poking fun at regular life or celebrity pop culture, a fart reference, or just a good knock knock doesn't take much.

But this card didn't make me laugh.

Front of Card

Inside Card

HUH? Happy Birthday? Go enjoy your sins?

I love to laugh but there's some things that aren't funny.