Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Beautiful day

Our church had a great day of serving and partnering with the community. Schools, habitat for humanity, and some families were blessed this past weekend.

Listen to what the principals say about partnership with the church. I love that in being like Christ we are truly being a community TO the community. I love being able to know by name, and hopefully know in person someday, people who are serving and working in our community. Three schools were impacted this weekend. I love our church!

As I watched yesterday unfold, I am reminded of my love for community. Specifically, this RWC community. We/I really like living here in RWC. Despite the outrageous cost of living, I enjoy so much about this beautiful Climate best by government test area!

One of my favorite things is to walk into a cafe, restaurant, or grocery store--whatever--and know the person behind the counter. It's a small town feeling to be known by name, I know. But although we live in a city of 75,000 people, there is still a way to experience community in such a way. It just takes getting to know the people of our community. Names are huge! When someone remembers my name I feel good and I want others to be remembered, too! And this shows care and in a small way this is how I can be like Jesus. It seems like nothing, but over time I can see how really awesome relationships develop!

I just got back from La Tartine, and tonight, whoa...Wendy was asleep when I got home and I had to wake her to talk with her. God is just at work in people's lives!

If I were to write a book on community I'd start simple baby steps like introducing yourself to the people you live by, work with, school, gym, etc. Frequent the same restaurants and gas stations. Go in the same check out lane for groceries and say thanks to the lady checking your groceries. Make a habit of getting the name of your mail carrier. My guy is Eli, he's a really cool guy. Sometimes if I'm home during the day, I'll hear him lift up our mailbox lid and just make a point to say hi. Start with names and being thankful for the ways they serve you (like our local heroes: teachers, police/fire, etc. Then once we have a relationship we can show our love by serving and helping meet any needs they have. This in essence is our Beautiful day.

Ahhh. Ok. I'm just thankful for all this great stuff! It's a great time to send a THANK YOU note! I think I'm gonna do that this week!

I'm gonna write some notes to service people! (Like "my" baristas and those who are assisting in my dental work. I've been there so much I've gotten in good with the hygienists!)

Anyone else want to join me? Who are you thankful for? Write a note and give some words.

Here's to a great week of being thankful!!!

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