Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blades of Glory/Christmas Party 07

Wendy is in Portland right now and coming home tomorrow (She had a play date with her friends)! Isella and I had a great time and lots to do this weekend. Isella helped me finish my final Seminary paper, visit some friends, go grocery shopping and make the rounds at two different parties. Thanks to the my inlaws, I also was able to join the second and third leg of our Young Adults' Christmas Party. What was awesome about this progressive event(three places traveled to for food, fun, and games) was that things went right along schedule and I wasn't even needed. I just got to show up and have fun. I am so thankful to have some really great leaders and mentors paving the way in our community. Thanks to Glenn and Jenn, Ruby and Leo, and all the guys at the Fallon House. I love seeing how we have become such a close community that the guests who were brought tonight were welcomed and loved. I had to show up late and leave early because of dad duty, but I was stoked that I saw God at work within the group! I love being a pastor to this crew!

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Who are you kidding, everyone knows Californians can't skate. ;0)