Thursday, July 03, 2008

July's Vlog Episode (#2)

(Sort of) Live (previously recorded) from Arizona


Wendy Rose said...

"What are those things called?" Vending machine.
I really want to answer the "riddle" for this week....would that be unfair? Maybe I'll just have you take me to Starbucks instead...

vickie said...

Rotisserie & Pizzeria? (pizza & rotisserie chicken)

Cannelloni beans, focacia bread, pizza, calzones and of course ROTISSERIE CHICKEN!


Candice said...

good call, wendy...vending machine :). what's the world coming to? or, what is america coming to?!
CONGRATS on baby due! love you ALL!

Anonymous said...

Espresso...of course!

jgw8 said...

Rats! I just googled Pronto Pizza and found that Vickie is this month's lucky winner!
Looks like more than your family is checking out the VLOG. How 'bout some pictures of the new abode? Inquiring minds want to know. Love you!