Wednesday, July 22, 2009

images of community and prayer from the past 3 days

This past Sunday, 7/19, our church (God's people on a mission) gathered around this great couple, George and Lydia Cover, on their way for a year in Beirut to live and serve. We prayed and sang over them. Beautiful.

Then on Monday, my friend and former Seminary professor, Dr. David Eckman, graciously came to our community (which he does about annually) to teach and share his experience, wisdom, and research. I love his teaching on our identity and how God shapes us and redeems our family of origin (no matter how great or how difficult) so that we see him as our true and intended Father, and the church as our new family. His teaching and books are in the the top ten most influential books in my life. We sat and discussed theology for about 3 hours.

Then, Tuesday during our normal young adult small group time at Red Morton park we had guest speaker. My friend (who pastors in Berkeley), David Nyquist joined our young adults to teach about God's power and authority in US to expand and bring his Kingdom to Redwood City. He shared his experience with "Treasure Hunting." Prayer walking with intentional purpose to hear from God and pray for people specifically. See here for more info.

During our sharing times, one of our own Loved Ones, Bristol, shared her story of stepping out in faith and trusting God to provide for her and her son, (my God-son) Cameron. (He's really our whole community's "God-son." Everyone loves them both so much and embraces them as family)! We all are family! I love it.
Two other LOVED ONES of ours, David and Ben, leaving for mission next week are prayed over as Ben goes to London and David to Africa.

After the prayer walk ("Treasure Hunt) we came back to share stories. A--MAZE--ING. Seriously I was on my knees enjoying the stories, laughing, praising God..filled with energy and excitement. Wow!
Living and Serving Community.

(and that's only Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).

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