Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Am I secure in your love?
In life and in death,
I express my pain
and the bain
Of what I think my existence may be
With another missed opportunity
To brag on myself,
Displaying my trophies on a shelf
striving to dot all the i's on my agenda ..
Whether in love, friendship, or work
The hostility
of unmet expectations and dreams
Tears me at the seams,
Oh, Father forgive me..these schemes
They reveal my lack of understanding your love
And my position, in YOU, with YOU
Regardless of push gone to shove
You are the one who always will Be
Still and forever a mystery
YET you make yourself known to me
Open these blind eyes to see
I'm your creation, subject of your love…
forgiven and free
Father, shepherd, healer, artist, lover, husband, and creator
Empty me of all that’s not you
Secure me, surround me, fulfill your plans in me
That I might be a lover like you, a worshiper of
Fully Secure...
Now, IN you,
I'm able
to give and live
real life not just a fable
Face to the street,
humbled at your feet,
with my heart to the city,
this contrite heart you will not despise..
….i love.
Because. You. first .loved. me.

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The Koldings said...

straight baller.