Saturday, November 07, 2009

More quotes from my daughter

Reading her children's Bible and stopping on Jesus' Baptism.
Isella: "Where are their feet?"
Me: "Under the water."
Isella: "Can I see them?"
Me: "We can use our imagination and pretend."
Isella (She then held her breath and acted like she was going under water to look).

Isella: “Daddy, can you bring Giggle Baby {doll} upstairs?
Me: "Sure (as I got to pick her up)."
Isella: "On your shoulders.”

Isella: “Daddy, can you make a big poop so I can see it?”

Isella; “I’m a girl. When I get bigger I will be a woman. And I will marry a man. I will marry YOU, Papa.”
Me: (emotionally touched) "Aww, come here, I want to give you a kiss."
Isella: “Nah.”

We got Isella and Lulu some "Butterfly Baby" dolls. 
Wendy: "What do you want to name the Butterflys?"
Isella (Matter of Factly): "Cyrill and Cereal."


Isella: "Look at this birdie- he’s on a leaf (pointing to picture)."
ME: "Yep, birds fly in the air and land in trees and they sit on leaves."
Isella: "And sometimes they poop in the air and it falls on people’s heads."

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