Monday, April 05, 2010

A little taste of Heaven through music

In February I had the privilege of joining BOSS Church (Bayside of S. Sacramento), along with some other PCC Young Adults, on a retreat. Not only did we experience great connections with each other, we connected with God in beautiful ways through music. I have to admit, and I hope I don't sound harsh or judgmental, but I get surprised when the church-GOD'S PEOPLE, doesn't respond in such an outwardly expressive way. (View via FB here). I know that we all have different ways we worship, but imagine standing before our great God...and checking your watch, or playing with your cell phone. I find it hard to believe that when captured by such love, beauty, purity, and HOLINESS we won't just burst out crying, dancing, and/or fall flat on our faces. I think encountering God must be expressive, that's why I loved this time worshiping with song and dance. And I am so excited that Sam, the leader of the band, will be joining us for our Fall Retreat in September (17-19). What made this gathering time so meaningful for me was the way we worshiped our ONE God together, being that some of us didn't even know each other, and came from different places, and ethnic backgrounds, but it was God's love and a love for him that brought us unity. I'm really looking forward to being together at this retreat in the fall.

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