Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Casting Call

One of my passions is filmmaking. I love being sets creating stories and seeing art come to life. But I also love being on sets because of all the conversations I get to have with people about God! It is quite a mission field for me!

One of my fave shows is having a contest so I entered!!

It's easy to vote, you just login w/ Facebook or Twitter, or your email! And you can vote very day, once daily, until September 9th.
Vote here:
1-Log-in (Top Right of page using FB, your email, twitter)

2-Create profile (takes 1 min! Don't be alarmed if you're confused! You'll figure it out!).

3-Vote-by pressing RED VOTE TAB under my PIC (SEE # of votes CHANGE & it says "Thanks for Voting.")
YOU DON'T HAVE TO "LIKE" the page, Just "liking" the page doesn't count as a vote.

4-Vote every day around the same time. They clock it
every 24 hours thru your computer. CONTEST ENDS 9/9. It's all about the # of votes. Top 10 highest men & top highest women are entered in Semi-finals.

5-You can invite others to join in on the event, too!

Thanks so much for the shameless self-promotion!
9th place for the men votes as of Sunday 8/28

HUGE THANKS to my good friend John Meyer who took the photo for me!

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