Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't Go church (Part 2)

I want to encourage us AS the Church to be adamant about using the word correctly (See here for part one). I truly believe that this correct use of the word will help the people  understand more clearly who and what the Church is called to be. We are called to be a part of a movement, a group of people who serve and live out a mission of good news. This good news is of God's love and his plan to redeem of all the world's brokenness into order, family, grace, and the peace of his kingdom through Jesus Christ.

Think about this. If we use the word incorrectly because of cultural traditions, old habits, or because we are too lazy to use it correctly, we actually spread wrong theology. Here are some examples:
1-Wanna come to church? (Aka what people hear: wanna sit in  a building, be bored, and be religious?)

2-I'm getting ready to go to church. (I have to dress up and do this thing once-a-week religious thing).

3-Meet me at Church (park your car in a parking lot and meet me inside a building). 

4-What are you doing after church? (aka: After we're done singing and praying, lets eat and talk about other things).

See how different this sounds?:

1-Interested in joining a movement that will change your life? I'm a part of this really awesome community that is devoted to being like Jesus. We study the Bible and we have discussions about applying it to our lives. It's interactive and they actually encourage questions. . We really want to make a difference by serving people in our community and world. 

2-Our church meets Sunday Night as a large gathering of people, (and actually other times through out the week in small groups). You can come a you are.  You actually don't have to dress up, if you don't want. It's casual because what's more important than what you look like is who you are.
Ok, so maybe those things sound too formal or scripted. Make it personal and natural for you, just make sure you spread correct theology. I think this will take a lot of intentionality and practice. Just listen for how many times a building is actually referred to as a church in your own conversations.


Matt Nightingale said...

I'm with you. Access is really pushing this. Ted corrects people all the time. We are Access... we go to Ashford Oaks to worship together, and we go to the office sometimes too... But we never go to church. We are the church. I'm teaching my kids this too... Tonight Em caught herself! She was talking about going to church and then said... "I mean, going to the church BUILDING." I was so proud.

Tony's 2 Cents said...

That is so awesome about Emily correcting herself. I love that. I'll add that to my next post! Miss you, bro!