Saturday, February 11, 2012

Filmaking underway

Today was a preproduction day of scouting locations, meeting with hair and make-up people, discussing costumes, and rehearsing (in my living room). Our team was all over the city getting things ready for our shoot that starts Thursday!

I'm most impressed with people passionate about art that they would be willing to give their time for free to not only make a good story, but simply to work together-knowing that something supernatural happens in the community of filmmaking!

Here's some lighting testing going on in the FOX theatre in which we get to shoot! We are so excited!

One of our special crew members is a long time Bay Area, filmmaking native: Ned Kopp (below). He's been working in films since the 1970's. He's worked with Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas,  Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, and now us. He's giving his time totally free because he loves filmmaking! He knows what he's doing and it's great to listen to all his stories. What a humble guy! And below is Tammy Calderon. This will be her second film she's worked hair and make-up. It's awesome to watch her light up and give her input. She'll also be bringing some of her students from her cosmetology program to help! Thanks everyone!
Here is our director below, Kerwin Kuniyoshi, sharing his vision for the film! Within two writes of the script he nailed what he was looking for, and is taking a risk, but one that is very creative and worth it!
If you'd like to support the film--please go here:

If you'd like to donate food for the cast/crew email
cases of 24 bottles of water (need about 6 cases)
2-12 packs of assorted soda
2 Large Salads
2 Big Safeway Deli Hero Sandwiches
4 loves of bread ( 2 wheat, 2 white)
2 jars of Jelly
2 jars of peanut butters
3 cases of cup of noodles
2 bags of apples
2 bunches of bananas
2 bags of grapes
2 boxes of SPOONS, Forks, Knives-plasticware
1-package of napkins
1 large bag of trail mix
2 boxes of granola bars
1 bucket of licorice and other assorted candy
1-First aid kit

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