Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pen, Ink, Simple, Truth, Good, Life

I was 17 when journaling became an addiction for me. I had to have colored pencils, sharpies, and every different colored ultra fine point pen I could find.

I loved writing, drawing, and bringing life to my prayers and thoughts to my blank (unlined) paper. Having three children has challenged my three hour coffee and writing sessions and have turned into  cat naps and nacho addictions..but when I was thinking of  THE GOOD LIFE and our church's focus on LIVING THROUGH THE WISDOM OF PROVERBS, I thought of these simple and yet profound times I had with God.

I thought about how Solomon, the writer of Proverbs, would have been reflecting on his life, in the same way. Through his proverbs, he reflected on  his words, his relationships,  his multiple marriages, his friendships, his finances, his family, and his sex life (yep, it's in there). He took up his sharpie (or one of his scribes took up a quill) to paint a picture for his children and grandchildren (and us) on how to have the best of everything.

This was obviously before Facebook, and Youtube--a throwback time when we had face to face interaction and letter writing.  This is the idea that sparked the branding around our GOOD LIFE series. I wanted to share something "handwritten," if you will. Something...

And our designer, IAN WALLACE (a friend and PCC'er) HAND WROTE all 14 proverbs we'll be studying. I love how people use their gifts and talents for others. Thanks IAN! You sharpened me!

If you're a part of PCC on Sundays, you'll see them eventually posted very LARGE all around the worship center. Our hope is to have a simple season of focusing on God's truth and finding his wisdom for our life.

You'll  also see a green chair on the stage (and in our bumper video eventuaally ) this Sunday--inviting you, inviting us to come sit, reflect, share, and live through God's wisdom.

Perhaps YOU want to SHARE at some point the wisdom you are finding as you seek God for direction in all areas of your life. May be you'd consider journaling this year? If so, check this challenge out:.GOOD LIFE WISDOM CHALLENGE

ALSO-Check out these orange Boards.  They will be outside the Worship Center on Sundays to act as a "water cooler" gathering spot. Every Sunday the boards will be filled with a handwritten Proverb for people to take home, use as a book mark, put on their fridge, pass to someone else (kind of like the "ID" post-in note if you were a part of our PCC community during Oct-Nov). You may even see them posted up places when you're checking your emails or as you use the "facilities." These orange boards will be on the patios on Sundays.

Ok--that's all for now. Going to be blogging more this season. It's time to share more stories about what God is doing! Hope you have a great start to the year.

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