Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am going to die

I am going to die. (And hopefully not of heat exhaustion). Its true. Someday I am going to die and believe it or not you will too! Isn't that an encouraging topic to talk about? Well, actually it can be and hopefully it will be as that's my focus this Sunday at PCC. Well talk a lot about DEATH. NO ORDINARY DEATH. We will look into John 11 and Jesus "no ordinary day" with Lazarus. (Our whole church is going through the book of John and studying the extraordinary life of Jesus.)

Talking about death can make us feel uncomfortable. When a death occurs it can bring sadness, confusion, and grief. Jesus himself experienced trouble in his spirit because of Lazarus' death. But maybe, like in John 11, there are extraordinary things that can happen when we have to experience or talk about death. For me, the two places that stir my nerves the most are hospitals and funerals. But these same places have also been extremely redemptive, supernatural, and well extraordinary because of what God has done (And it seems God has a tendency to send me to these places that I might have extraordinary days). Maybe we can prepare, live freely with out fear, and reconcile with others in our life so that when death comes it doesn't cause regret for things unsaid or undone. And with the right perspective, we can prevent unholy anger toward God because of his timing by seeing that death is not the end and God is glorified in death. I know that this is not an easy topic to discuss. For some of us, death is so fresh, as we have recently suffered the loss of a loved one, maybe others still carry the unresolved pain caused by the death of a spouse, relative, or friend for years, while for others this topic is equally challenging for fear of accidental death enslaves or impending sickness threatens to take the life of someone you deeply love. Whatever you are feeling, come and wrestle. Come and cry if you need to. It's OK because Jesus wept, too.

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