Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My top 6

My top 6 pursuits worthy of time...
1-Live into your identity in Christ and your relationship with God as your Father. You will never be disappointed with spending your life understanding God's love. Make time for your relationship with God and BE IN HIS WORD! Read the Bible, and all books about Gods love and the roles of the trinity. Talk about it with humble, trustworthy, Biblically rooted people, do word studies in the Bible and examine how your family of origin has affected you and your understanding of God as Father. Seek to live in Gods forgiveness, and extend it to others. God really loves & likes you. Worship Him accordingly and reverently.

2-Live into your God given purpose in life! Develop (and understand) your prayer life and spiritual gifts. What has God called you to do? Read, study, and meet with people who live this out. Pray without ceasing. Study biblical prayers. What can you learn from them? Then makes sure you can teach others. DREAM!

3-Pursue Biblical and healthy sexuality/masculinity/femininity. Study the roles that God has given to men and women. Learn all that you can about sexuality/healthy relationships, and if you want to be married, live like it now in your purity and roles as men and women. (When/if you are married..Prioritze your family above all else. Your spouse is your first ministry). I believe that when men and women truly live out their God given roles, it affects all of society. When these roles are dysfunctional, weak, or lacking power, it contributes to the breakdown of the family, society, and our world. Picking a spouse is one of your most important decisions!

4-Practice all out authenticity and be honest about your brokenness. Find people to share your story with and prioritize God-centered community. Care more about what God thinks of you then what people think about you. Check your emotions. God created you with them and they are good. Live life with trustworthy, intimate friends. The lamest choice in life is the choice to be fake, to live in fear of what people think, to compartmentalize life, or to choose to believe/live lies. Live freely in community.

5-Be a missionary...wherever you live as God has made you. Don’t be anybody but who you are, and do this in a way that impacts and influences our world. Ministry is not just for those who are paid by the church--we live lives of ministry, Mentor, disciple, multiply! Share God’s story help and others know Him (see #1) Get God/ministry/church out of the box: Worship is not just about music. We need to be careful with our church terms. Worship is not just Sunday. I don't think worship can be "good or bad," only vain or empty hearted. The church it not a building, but God’s people, etc.

6- Give, save, and manage money as a steward of the real owner and giver: God. I had to add this because in our life I realized how important and dangerous not prioritizing money can be. Spend more on others than yourself. Seek simplicity. This is hard, but challenging. Your credit card statement/checkbook reflects your heart for God. Avoid debt, materialism, and closets full of clothes and stuff.
Do all of this with while letting the word of Christ dwell in you richly
(Colossians 3:16) and abiding in him so that you connect with the Father. (John 15).

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