Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hearing from God--going deeper

Do you remember when God spoke to Moses through the burning bush? Read Exodus 3! God required that Moses take off his shoes (sandals actually) because it was holy ground. This symbolism of taking one's shoes off is beautiful. Think of how amazing it is for our bare feet to touch the ground. It was simplicity and holiness all in one as Moses' feet and the ground made contact AND God came into contact with Moses in that way and heard the very voice of God.

God still desires for us to come to him and hear his voice. He wants us to hear him and not be distracted by the trappings of the world. Sometimes those distractions can actually be are own footwear and most times are much more and deeper. We must be willing to shed our fears, hindrances, and wrong perceptions of God so that we can truly hear him. What is hindering you right now from hearing him? Your busyness, pain, lack of boundaries, vocational/educational pursuits, material possessions, or sinful choices?

That's why we have set apart some time to worship and hear from God at the Deep. This sacred space happens this Saturday January 13th at 8pm in the Gapastione home.
If you want to come, please email for the address at
Hope to see you!


And funny enough..this Saturday if you are coming to the Deep at the Gapastione home, we ask you to take off your shoes just so we keep our carpets clean! --and hopefully, you too will hear from God like Moses.


Do you want to learn more about serving the homeless in our area? Then
come to Street Church FREE LUNCH meeting.
12:30-2 in the Fireside room.

after Sunday at 6 for the next season we will head out to dinner at
the new ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK PIZZA (right next to Century 20
theaters). And this week since some people Monday off for the late
great Martin Luther King, you have the option to catch a movie, too.
Here are some options.

Dreamgirls 8:35
Pursuit of Happyness 9:05
Night at the Museum 9:30
Blood Diamond 9:30
Children of Men 9:40

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