Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Humby Holy part 2

Be holy therefore as I am holy.
1 Peter 1:16

This holiness discussion has brought about some really meaningful conversations this past week. I've had them online, over coffee, in bed (with my wife), and on the street. One specific comment sticks out in my mind. It was something like this: "If I am supposed to be like God and forgive people and not be bitter, than I am far from being holy."

An honest, authentic, broken, and totally true statement.

If we want to be holy as God is holy, we must deal with our unforgiveness and unreconciled relationships, we must confess and surrender our personal injustices and the litany of betrayals and pains that we have stored up in our hearts. These wounds need to be healed. If we don't find freedom and healing for any and every unfair, cruel, malicious, rude, ignorant, (small or grandiose) negative action or word put upon us, we will truly find ourselves suffering and not maturing in Christ-likeness or holiness. In some cases the present tension/anger/bitterness in our life can be fueled by unhealthy issues from our past or family of origin. The past can eat at us like a cancer darkening our already bruised identity in the present. And it will prevent us from being holy, yes.

Colossians 3:13

If you have these hurts from the past (like I did) being Holy doesn't mean ignoring them and acting as if you aren't hurt. Being holy is finding help, confessing the issues, as seeking peace at all costs with power of God's grace and the prayer and support of God's people. It's good and OK to be angry for the past. We need to grieve everything from the rapes to the lay offs and we must do it in God's design: Holy and Humbly.

There is no easy answer here, I know. There really is no 1,2,3 formula or time frame for Humble Holiness. All I know is that it's a requirement. No matter how long it takes or what is costs you to make amends with the people in your life. We need to forgive.

And all I know is that I must strive after it, too, because present issues often resemble past pains.

Jesus taught us to pray for forgiveness and right after that to pray that we would forgive those who have sinned against us, too. Matthew 6. Maybe the issues we need to be concerned about is our salvation rather than our holiness. We will forever be in the process of being made holy according to Hebrews 10:14, and this has to do with maturity in Christ. Maybe what we ought to be concerning ourselves with is the issue of salvation regarding unforgiveness.

Because if we have truly received God's unbelievable gift of grace for our deep and dark sins, how can we then tightly hold onto someone else and refuse to forgive him/her.

He who has been forgiven little, loves little. Luke 7.

That's something to chew on.

For more reading: Mathew 18: 23-35

Coming up:

Do not use the Lord's name in Vain. What does that truly mean for us today?

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Jenni said...

Thanks for the thoughts Tony. They have been challenging to me as I've been thinking about cussing recently, and why I live the way I live, and the struggle to be in the world but not of it. Holiness has an affect in all areas of our lives. But the truth of being humbly holy is shown so vividly through forgiveness of others. Forgiveness is such a humbling thing, both to receive and to do. Good to be reminded to come back to what is most important...God's character and understanding God's love. The whole triangle thing. Awesome.