Friday, June 15, 2007

The Deep on Saturday night 6/16

I like Steak..and summer is a great time to grill it up!

so bring your tri-tip and top sirloin...

cause you all are invited to the Deep --which starts at 8pm at 617 Fallon Ave in San Mateo 94401. North Bound 101-Get off on Third Street Exit and Go East. Take that to Norfolk and Go Right, Then take a left on Shoreview and Go right on Fallon Ave.

BUT...BEFORE..THATyou are all invited to come and BBQ! Come anytime after 4:30pm. Bring some food to share, SALAD, SODA, DESSERT, CHIPS, or some meat to grill (there will be some food provided) and invite friends. When 8pm hits we will worship together in prayer, the word, communion, and discussion, and meditation.

What does it mean to follow Jesus and live like him?...and are you?

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