Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wrestling through compassion and justice


I am currently writing from Dallas Texas where I am participating in an amazing workshop on COMPASSION AND JUSTICE.

(Here's me listening intently)

I HIGHLY encourage that you read through the following blog EXTERNALLY FOCUSED LINK and read through the posts, look at the artistic note taking pictures, and eventually LISTEN to the MP3s of the main sessions.

The closer we come to knowing and loving God, the more we will want to love people his ways.

We cannot truly follow Jesus without finding ourselves caring for the poor.

If all we offer are lots of Bible Study groups, times of prayer and singing and no one is seeking to show compassion and justice, care for the poor, or help the lowly as a result, these Bible study groups and prayer times are not truly transforming us. When we are truly transformed this will be evident.

When we are truly transformed we really become RUINED for God's purposes.

Living in the Kingdom of God means that we are living a life of giving and sharing not hording and building for ourselves.

MATTHEW 25 IS SERIOUS. There are lots of scripture where God calls us to care for the poor. Do we take this to heart? Seriously?

Quote: "When we say we worship Jesus but all we do is shop, we've made Jesus and idol. If we worship Jesus then we serve the poor." This was spoken in the context of raising children, too. Our kids will learn how to live out their faith if they see their parents living out this faith and being generous to the poor.

The good news for the poor means that they will receieve physical help! The will receieve food and shelter not just a spiritual change. And when we encounter Jesus and his love and his model, we will want to help people physically. That's they the church in Acts was all about helping others and sharing.

Ministry of Money website

Which one of these locations looks like where you do your shopping?

Ok, got to get to my discussion group. More later.



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