Thursday, January 17, 2008

LeadNow 2008

Today I was planning out my year with all the gatherings, retreats, events, and personal and family travel (which will be fully released soon, I hope). Last year, Jeff, (friend and PCCYA leader and servant), and I attended this cool conference that we plan to return to in Dallas. So I went to their link to find out the dates and found me in their promo video. Hey, do I get any residuals for that?

LeadNow 2008

Either way, we have spots open for this trip. Are you someone aspiring to be a leader in this generation? Do you love God and his peolple and want to know how to make a differece in our community and in the world? Then consider going to Dallas Texas November 13-15! Roughly costs $400 with food, flight, and lodging.

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Matt Nightingale said...

Ted and I will be there, and we're bringing along a leader from Access... Linton Wong. Looking forward to it!