Friday, January 18, 2008


It's past midnight and I just can't sleep. I've been in planning and future prep mode all day. Wendy and I have been talking and praying all night. It seems like God is leading me (and any others that want to join) back to Italy this year. There have been some fun and significant signs that it is time to organize a team and return. (Not even kidding--besides that I had a dream where I was talking Italian with our friends there last week, I've had numerous people ask about Italy, and then a candle yesterday dripped wax in the shape of a boot!)

Each trip has amazing special memories and God's supernatural encounters (plus great food! Que Buona!)

We went four years in a row as a community (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006--some pictured here from 2004, 2005, and 2006), and then we didn't go this past year because we had our baby. Wendy and I have been praying a lot about this and it seems that the best option would be for me to go and lead a team with out her and Isella. Although this will be really hard for me to be away for two weeks, I know God will enable me and take care of them. Wendy is totally for this and I really sense God guiding. We have always had this in our prayer and we feel very connected to our friends and church there. In fact, I talk with Marco from Catania by Skype a lot and Antonio by email and phone every so often!
(Team 2003)
(Team 2004 above)
(team 2005 above)
(team 2006 above)

So I am inquiring to see who out there would be interested in joining the team, raising the money, and doing the hard work to prepare for ministry and unity! Anyone? Soccer players, musicians, actors for dramas, and anyone with a heart to help people know God's love who is willing to learn another language (or use a lot of hand motions and a dictionary).

We are still praying through this but here is a rough time line--

3/2: Deposit & Registration due March 2nd-$500

March-June Fund raising ($4000) Daddy Daughter Dance, letter writing and other creative ideas.

Secure passport

Training meetings April, May, June, July

Full payment by June 29th

Depart for Italy August 22 (Ponte Tresa/Lugano and Catania/Sicily with possible day or two in Rome)
Return September 6th Home

Please contact me so I know if God's will for our community and so I know who our team might be! I am praying for the right people to go! God, call them I pray!
(These types of missions require people to be very patient, flexible, humble, able to travel fast and well under hard circumstances (like long flights and sometimes uncomfortable lodging), self-controlled, not easily discouraged to quit, and a team player).

Visit the Basile's blog (Marco and Cinzia and Sofia from Catania here)

This is totally exciting!

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