Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good News for your ipod

Hey all. How cool is this? It's better than a mixed tape--except it costs you money.
I just found this cool trick on itunes.

I made an iMix called "Tony's Move Me Mix April 2008" and it has been published in the iTunes Music store.

Basically I just "published" some songs that I had in an itunes playlist I had. Now you can go in and see and buy the songs yourself (and we can enjoy the same music and talk about how it relates to our life and is helping us to experience God)!

Seriously, if you are in the need of some new music or want to find some of the new tunes to sing in worship above!

You should make your own and share it with me.


can said...

just made my own. check it out :)

Justin said...

interesting concept.