Thursday, April 24, 2008

International Justice Mission

A few weeks ago we had guest speaker Larry Martin speak on behalf of International Justice Mission (IJM).


With the love of God and because of his great mercy how can we not respond?


Justin O. Porath said...

Where to begin our partnership with the world's needs is a daunting duty. Who can argue with a call to fight child slavery or the sex trade? With technology we are inundated with information about tragedies of various kinds, from over seas and under viaducts, all cast in a generous mixture of environmental and social issues. To this we may add guilt - 'with knowledge comes responsibility’ – a mighty motivator and indicator that something in us has changed and must in turn bring about change.

That the church should be leading this charge against those who rape, steal, kill and destroy is perhaps not in question. But how we choose to engage, is. Should we accept the basic assumption that not every person or even every church can have their foot in all areas of social justice? If so should we then also reassess the way in which we motivate people to this end?

Jenny said...

Tony- I wanted to introduce you to this blog ( This is a group of my friends from NPU who are biking across the country this summer with the goal of engaging churches in discussions about justice. PCC is their first stop on the trip and it would be awesome if the young adults group could welcome them and invite them to whatever events are going on during the couple days that they are there. I'm going to be sending out an e-mail on their behalf to some PCC people, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.