Saturday, December 06, 2008

Finger of God

It's after midnight and I have a Seminary paper now due in 11 hours, 51 minutes. But I'd rather be doing lots of other things. 1-Reading this film maker's blog, 2-Doing my own blogging 3-blogging about this documentary. 
Finger of God. I've watched it three times now. 

Watch the trailer below--or watch this interview (give some grace to the cheesiness) on this "supernatural" talk show.  (Supposedly all of the movie can be watched on YouTube). I really like this guy Darren Wilson, the director. He's real, humorous, honest, and he's witnessed a lot. Listen to his story

After viewing this film I've concluded:
We/I have a small faith. 
We/I am comfortable, lazy, fearful, and too busy to really experience God's power. 
We/I need to act on God's word, his promises... and I will...!

Just tonight, after viewing the film,  a group of men took to the street of Redwood City simply to pray for people and God is at work. I'm already getting text messages about the way God moved and opened up conversations for people to pray. 
I wish I could write more, there will be more on this, soon. 

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David Nyquist said...

God is moving: Miracles, SIgns and Wonders all testify to His love! Jesus Christ is perfect theology...
I love this film and am so encouraged every time I watch it.