Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After hearing the bum news that one of my three fave shows Pushing Daisies is being cancelled, I stumbled on the new song, YOU FOUND ME, by the Fray. This great song is also being featured on Lost (one of my other faves). Cool thing is the Fray guys are all Christ Followers doing their music and art in the pop music scene. So if you listen, you can hear echos of their faith bounce through. I've also hung out with their drummer, Ben, as he married one of our young adult women (who also was one of the photographers at our wedding four years ago). So although I'm seriously bummed to lose this artistic and spiritual piece of TV, I'll now make room for Lost which starts 1/21!

PS. My third fave show is 30 Rock. I used to be in to Heroes the 1st season, but haven't made the time to watch any of the DVR recorded episodes since.


John Liotti said...

30 Rock is the best show since Seinfeld... I love it... The Office is great also - but 30 Rock is better. No one believes me.

Jenni said...

so funny, i was just blogging about recently finding pushing daisies. I'm so sad that it was cancelled. Check out my post:
Also, I can't seem to get into 30 Rock. I think it's allright, but still haven't caught the 30 Rock bug. I guess I would be one of the "no ones" that John was talking about. ;)