Friday, September 25, 2009

Quotes from my Daughter

We keep a little journal of things that our daughter, Isella (pronounced EE-Sella), says, Sometimes she has us cracken up and other times just in awe of the way her mind works.


Isella: That’s a cantaloupe (pointing to what she thought was an antelope).


Isella: Papa, where is Jesus Right now?


Isella: What are you doing?

Wendy: checking to see if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. What are you doing Isella?

Isella: I’m just hanging out.


Isella: I love faces. My face is furry. (She got that from Elmo, I think).


Tony: I’m going to eat cereal.

Isella: Good for you, Papa!


Isella at chiropractor’s office, after watching Wendy get an “adjustment” she says: "Mommy has BONES."


Isella: Daddy’s going to work and taking his feet.


Isella: Happy Mothers’ day Daddy. (a week after the actual mothers’ day).


Isella: Mommy what are you making for dinner?

My wife: Pasta with broccoli and sausage…

Isella: and syrrruuuppp!


Me: Please be careful on the trampoline

Isella: If I fall down a Doctor can help me and look in my ears.


Me: What do you want for lunch?



Me: What story should we tell tonight?

Isella: Let's talk about a dog named Barb.

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