Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Theology bugs me

Whether it's pointing to a building and calling it "a church," (or saying, "go to church"), I get the heebee jeebies when we (Christians, people who claim to follow Jesus) misuse or incorrectly speak about God out of ignorance or especially laziness. But this week I encountered another layer of bad theology.............. in an attempt at humor.

I love reading greeting cards. In fact, when my wife and I are on dates, we often stroll into the Hallmark aisle and read cards to each other. I can easily hit the floor laughing hysterically. Give me a witty scenario poking fun at regular life or celebrity pop culture, a fart reference, or just a good knock knock doesn't take much.

But this card didn't make me laugh.

Front of Card

Inside Card

HUH? Happy Birthday? Go enjoy your sins?

I love to laugh but there's some things that aren't funny.

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