Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: No More (spoiler alert).

My wife convinced me to stay up last night to watch the Series Finale! So glad we ditched our DVR plan for the next day. It was well worth it. From what I am seeing the reviews are mixed. But I don't care, I'm not miffed. There was so much I loved. And it reminded me of the value of my own life and loved ones!

One thing's for sure, I love being able to see God through media, TV, film, art..and it isn't the stuff that we expect nor totally agree with, but we can see God and be touched by him as we brush up against beauty, pain, truth, life..and specially through the mystery of life's unanswered questions in Lost. Watch this Video.

This is big picture that I take away from the message of Lost:
Life is about relationships (living in community), healing (both emotional in reconciliation and physical), finding and embracing a mission (we all have a purpose in life), seeking light (I obviously interpret this for THE light I seek), and overcoming any obstacles (the Island, Smokey, the others) in order to do so! All around...pretty cool and...we truly don't need to die alone..(thanks Vincent).
But I'll be honest. There was one slightly cheesy, over the top, and possibly a jump the shark moment, The Stained glass window in the Church Building. A Cross, A Yin Yang, other religious symbols. Ya, Ok. We get your message. I've seen it on car bumpers: "We can all co-exist now and in eternity."
Since I loved the show so much I'm willing to forgive that :) cause I saw God so much in the story, and was moved in many ways. But I do just want to acknowledge that we can still see God, be touched by him as we encounter truth and beauty in the world even when we don't fully agree with everything theologically (like allocating Jesus to just "a way" among many paths to enlightenment). But with that said, it was great TV in so many ways and touching emotionally and spiritually in so many ways. (I cried yes, and held my wife a little longer last night as we prayed :)!

And least/most importantly...I'm totally fine w/ all the unanswered questions. What about the Dharma Initiative, the Island, the numbers??? There's a lot of room for interpretation and it's good that they didn't give every answer. Does life? Does God? Besides, the writers probably didn't have all the answers either. I like this blog's take.

So, it's time to move on. Let go.

Aloha Lost..
I'm found...... and I'll live like that.

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nice wrap up, Tony!