Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Quotes from a 3 year old

These all came out tonight.


Me: Ok, now lets pray and be quiet so we can listen to hear Jesus talk to us.

(after a minute)

My Daughter: I don’t hear anything I think he’s sleeping.

Me: (deep breath) Well, Jesus actually doesn’t sleep in Heaven.

My Daughter: (Perplexing look)

Me: I know we just finished reading about Jesus calming the waves on the boat & and he was sleeping in that story, but now in Heaven he doesn’t sleep.

My daughter: I think he’s just talking to other people so we need to wait until he’s finished so he can talk to us.


My daughter: Lets pretend I’m Mary and you’re Joseph.

Me: Ok, lets get on the donkey and go to Bethlehem to have Jesus.

My daughter: No, we have to get married first and go to Tahoe.


While praying for our victims of human trafficking, (I call them kid slaves with my daughter), I told her that many of them are orphans so we need to pray for God to give them mommies and daddies.

My daughter: What’s an orphan?

Me: A little kid who doesn’t have a mom or a dad.

Me daughter: Why?

Me: Well, uh, (gulp) because some parents left or some died (gulp) we need to pray for them.

My daughter: Dad….don’t die…

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