Thursday, August 19, 2010

My daughter thinks I'm a vampire

It all started last week when my father-in-law was reading a Sesame Street book to my youngest daughter (1.5). As they were turning pages she pointed to The Count and said, "Daddy."

He alerted us from the living room and we all had a good laugh. Then later in the week my wife noticed my daughter was looking in the Sesame Street books for the purple skinned "Daddy"  on her own. Should I be alarmed? Is it the widow's peak? The goatee? Or maybe it's my Transylvania accent or the way I laugh?? I know I have teeth issues but yikes!!AH-AH-AH!!!


Autumn said...

Defintely the goatee! Though its funny because there is no other resemblance other than the facial hair! Gotta love that little Luisa!

Tracey said...

I second the goatee. And that maybe you can count?? And you have been known to wear your collar up. Back in the day.