Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prayer and Driving

Many of us do "prayer walks." We pick a day/time and walk around praying. Then say AMEN and try to do it again another time. Rather than limit it to a church event, why not consider it a lifestyle worth adopting.

Pray everytime you are walking around. No matter where you are. Work, School, grocery store..AND then there is "Prayer Drives." OR "Prayer Biking."

In between and during putting the car into Drive, braking for pedestrians and dogs, hitting up the drive thrus...why not pray for everything and everyone you see. Simple.."Hey God, open the hearts of the taco bell people so that they can know you." Or "God, thank you for...the sky, the trees...this light that turned green, or red.." Seriously..find anything to thank God for. Bring the annoying people who can drive to God. And of course try doing some listening. God will speak to you through music, the silence, your thoughts, your radio...

This is a lifestyle.

Praying in whatever we do.

(1 Thess 5:24)

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