Friday, September 29, 2006

Convicting truth

This is a letter sent by the coordinator of PCC's 72 hours of prayer:

We send you weekly prayer requests from the body of Christ at PCC for your prayer. Some involve physical, relationship, situational, emotional and spiritual needs. Many of those needs are visible and observable.

I'd like to enlist you to pray for the Body of Christ at PCC the way the Lord sees us. Ask the Lord to show you how He sees Us spiritually.

I think we see ourselves as fairly diverse, friendly, capable, family oriented, good with children and youth, fairly wealthy with a beautiful facilities, great staff, relevant programs, great worship, outreach oriented, and missions-minded.

With all these great things, there can be a potential problem.

If our priorities aren't what God's are, these great gifts can become idols leading us to be proud of ourselves and self-reliant with our strength in ourselves rather than in God. Then, Revelation 3:17-22 applies.

Then the Body of Christ at PCC can't function as a Body. The Body's role is to minister to the needs we see in other members of the Body and outside the Body.

We become like a heart patient who has arterial blockages in the blood supply (the life of the Spirit) getting to the heart (our affections, motivations and priorities).

The vitality of the life of Christ flowing through the Body is essential for us to be fruitful in 3 areas: 1. Becoming Christlike in our character; 2. Manifesting the fruit of the Spirit; and 3. producing fruit--new believers.

I mention these things as areas of focus in prayer. Some of the people who fellowship with us need a new heart through a new birth, a "heart transplant." They currently trust in God plus other things or don't believe that Jesus is the only way to God.

Please pray, using the metaphor of the heart patient that God will remove all blockages so that our hearts may be fully His and his life will effectively flow through us.
proud hearts: that we are self-confident and know how things work. We trust in our own opinions and assessments. (Psalm 108:12, 13.)

Pray for the blockages that are: seeds of doubt, unrest, disappointment in God and fear.

Pray for the Body to trust God when His will is a mystery, when they have and unclear or cloudy vision of Him.

Pray that God will expose hidden and secret sins, unspeakable sins. Pray that people will confess, repent and forsake them so obstructions will be removed.

Pray for God to remove blockages that come from sadness, grief or loneliness.

Please pray that our focus would be on Jesus, that we would keep our eyes on Him by faith in difficulties (Heb. 12:2).

Please also pray through the verses of Hebrews 12:1-17 as they could apply to those in the Body at PCC.

Thank you for your intercession for the Body at PCC.

God needs people to stand in the gap so He can make this Body what He designed it to be. Many at PCC have done all we can to help ourselves and the Word has been faithfully preached and often, all that can be done humanly has been done. So, we need to come before God in prayer so that His glory can become manifest in our midst, in our Body.

Russ Llewellyn
PCC and 72 Hour Prayer Coordinator

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