Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A real answer

A friend of mine emailed me and asked how I was doing on some specific areas that he knew were challenging for me. In an effort to be vulnerable here's my response:

My teeth on the other hand..Ug..It’s shaming at times for me.because I know to others it may not seem like a huge deal but all this dental work I have had to go through the past four years...it takes a toll.but let’s just say I am on my face crying out to God a lot.it’s weird and very humbling realizing the waiting process.
Some people deal with cancer or the death of friends and family, and for me..this is my thorn, my trial. That's where James 1 comes along and teaches me to be mature.

So keep praying. I have touched hopelessness and depression in a very real, yet not extreme way—which again causes me to reach toward God and struggle in his love and grace instead of running toward unhealthy escapes, which for me can be TV, magazines, movies, celebrity websites, etc.

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