Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stealing, double-dipping, uncle Ben, and Amaing Grace

This past weekend held some really memorable moments in community!

First of all, I wholeheartedly recommend Amazing Grace the movie. I was choked up and given chills numerous times. What a story about Wilberforce and John Newton (who wrote Amazing Grace) and their experiences with the slave trade in Britain. What a sweet story of fighting for value for all people.It was also a phenomenal reminder of God's call for us to be salt and light-for Christians to serve God in secular settings and to take a stand for truth that will change the world. I also was reminded of the awesome role a woman has as a wife to her husband. It was Wilbur's wife who rekindled his passion after 15 years of feeling like a failure at his his cause.

It made me appreciate my wife so much for the ways she spurs me on to be who I am today.

Other fond memories of the weekend were:

*Crowding into a packed Amelia's Restaurant for dinner, that of which I had to leave before my meal ever came because it took so long. Thanks to Ben Matthias I got my quesadilla delivered to my house in a doggie box!

*The Deep, as usual was encouraging and so many shared, prayed, and stepped up to give insight into God's word and our communal journey of faith.

*A cool prayer experience praying for Eric's Uncle Ben who was lost for four hours on a mountain walk and was found within minutes after we prayed. That was awesome and humorous at the same time.

*Welcoming Chris Taylor, a new believer as of two weeks ago, into our community with prayer.

*Communion with cookies.

*Honest conversations about what it means to steal and confessing ways we have and ways we still do while chowing down on Franklin St. Cafe fries (the best seasoned fries around) with Jeff, Azzadeh, Jill, Aftan, Jenni and everyone else who double dipped in the bowl of ranch.

Thanks for being great community everyone!



If you RSVPd on the Evite. Please show up at Menlo College cafeteria by 5:30pm and be ready to serve it up! Remember this is a great opportunity to be a light and rub shoulders with people in our community!


Taize service of prayer-awesome Biblical meditation Friday at PCC 3/16

and hang out for Chinese food and Bunco with the PLUS ministry Saturday 3/24 at PCC

And Daddy Daughter Dance Fundraiser 3/31--email Kehau to help tropicalblossom529@yahoo.com

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