Saturday, March 31, 2007

Musings on Starbucks, Isella, and community

It's no surprise to any that I love Starbucks and having a baby won't stop me from enjoying my favorite soy beverages --which lure me there often. Besides it's not just the sweet java that brings me there but the community element that I also love. I love that I am known by name and that I can call the baristas by name. I love that Starbucks is not just a place where I get coffee, but a place where I meet with God and "work" for God. Not only do I love spending time journaling and reading there, but I love being able to get in conversations with people there about God. I love hoping and praying for each barista to be blessed and find the transforming love of God. I have even been able to pray and study the Bible with some of Starbucks' finest baristas! Now, Isella is also a part of this, too. My hope and prayer for her life is that she would learn to value all people and see that each relationship she makes is significant in eternity. My prayer for her is that she seizes any and all opportunities to bless people and live out Jesus' words in Matthew 5:16 to let her light shine before all people so that they may see her good words and praise God, too. (BTW-Ella means Bringer of light). She's already on her way and being used to usher in God's kingdom. I love it.

Isella's Baristas!


Jenni said...

Tony, thanks for sharing your reflections! I can't wait to see Isella! But I'm leaving for Mexico this Friday and will be gone for a week, and I can't drive over to visit. :(
Anyways, I am still excited to see her as soon as I can!

Bleeker said...

Hey Tony and Wendy and Isella,
Congratulations your a Gap trio! It's a high priviledge to share in Isella's "first" homecoming and starbucks through the blog. Thanks for putting all this where I can see it.

Something rang true when you wrote your prayer for Isella...the thought that her family father and mother are already praying for her and even teaching her to carry God's light into the world is so right and good and true. Your daughter will always know, just as your God has always known that she is his and the road ahead of her is one paved with blessings and life.

I applaud you mother and father are faithful christians and you are loving parents and you've only just begun.