Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 28th and 29th!

I have a great week ahead. This Saturday afternoon I will officiate the wedding of the future ROBERT AND GRACE GOODWIN. I look forward to sharing what God does over the weekend as we meet in community together.

This Saturday night is the DEEP! 8pm. Google map yourself to 402 Ivy Dr. in Menlo Park 94025 and prepare to worship God THROUGH song, silence, the Bible, teaching, communion, and relationships!


1-12:30pm is our Street Church lunch. All current servers and leaders are invited for free lunch to pray and discuss God's work on the street. Fireside room, please rsvp.

2-I, Tony Gapastione, am starting a monthly time for Discipleship Training. MY hope is to develop a monthly discipleship training time with those who are serious about growing, serving, or who want to grow and serve/lead in some capacity in our community. These monthly gatherings will be on Sunday afternoons and possibly on a Friday or Saturday night and will be specifically focused on developing growing and mature Christians. Different from the deep this time will be very conversational and include your Q&A, challenging discussions from the Bible and culture; focusing on the seven priorities of growing Christians that I am working on. Also each month we will look forward and continue trying to live out the challenge of being a living and serving community. So- all young adult servers and leaders wanting to be involved in this gathering please show up Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Starbucks-820 Woodside Rd! Do you want to be a part of this? Just let me know!

3-And Chris Taylor will be baptized at Sunday at 6.

4-Sunday dinner plans TBD after Sunday at 6

See you this weekend!

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