Friday, May 04, 2007

PCC's Beautiful day 2

This week in YA news:

I can't tell you HOW PROUD AND GRATEFUL I am for our community. Wednesday night you should have experienced the combination of high schoolers, turn-tables by DJ Alex, Little Miss Sunshine, Post-it notes, and a mixer that had sweaty people playing "air twister." It was a great night of communicating about what it means to be the body of Christ. The church is God's people. We don't go to or attend Church..WE ARE THE CHURCH. Our community of college students and young adults joined the High School students in an attempt to make some good connections. It was a good start to what I hope is a strong and continued relationship with them. Thanks to all who made that night possible.

Sunday at 6 team potluck at 4pm. If you are interested in serving in some way, please join us in the basement of the worship center.

This Sunday we will determine after Sunday at 6 where we want to go to dinner.

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