Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rolling the dice

Saturday night Wendy and I had a date night and spent it with a hundred other people. PCC's Plus Ministry hosted a huge Chinese food potluck and a little known dice game now becoming famous called BUNCO. It was a cool intergenerational event. Seriously, four people came up to me saying how nice it was to see "young people" attending the event. They didn't just mean me and Wendy but a group of PCC young adults joined the fun, too. I love that. We might not like the same music, wear the same clothes, or be dealing with similar life issues but we can eat the same food, play the same games and share the same God! Andrew, one of our young adults, said he made ten new connections with people he never would have known by just coming to a worship gathering on Sunday. That's so worth it! And people invited their friends. One favorite moment was seeing this big muscular guy with tattoos on his arms and great facial art (goatee and beard) towering over three little gray haired ladies as he rolled the dice! A man after my own heart! I pray he sensed God's love and acceptance in this simple way. I love our church and the effort to be connected and intergenerational. I hear more and more how important this is from the men and women in their twenties. So thanks to Plus Ministry! Another one of my favorite moments of the night was partnering with Henrie(tta)--I was her partner once and we won, and then she rolled against me and beat me silly. She's good. She had a way of rolling winning combinations multiple times in a row and doing it humbly. While if I would have rolled the same combos I would have been it rubbing in my opponents' faces HMMMM....

It's funny that I wouldn't call myself "competitive" but I gotta admit I got little edgy and impatient rolling those dice with no success! You know you have issues when you are praying for the dice to roll in your favor. I had to laugh. I'm praying to win the game when I could have been praying for people to have fun, be blessed...or you know, come to Christ. Thank God for his grace and sense of humor.

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Anonymous said...

Inter-gen is vital to healthy community. Glad to see somebody's taking it seriously.

i'm still jealous, though the north country is writhing with wonders of its own.

pax christi