Monday, March 17, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Right now I am writing from a hotel in Chicago. I got to see some family and also visited my Alma Mater NPU to promote PCC's Summer Internship. But the main reason we (me and my family) are in Chicago-land culminated this weekend with the wedding of a good friend of ours Aimee, now Mrs. Melgar. It was a beautiful ceremony of worshiping God. I love officiating weddings (a lot more than I like going to them, sometimes).

There is something amazing about facilitating this momentous event the lives of people. I don't just want to sit and "watch" but I want to participate! Especially when I get to celebrate with two people who have patiently and purely waited for God's best for their lives it is powerful!
Getting to pray with people, speak from God's word about God's plan for love and relationships--I just love it. Last night was no exception. What an honor! And I always get to have great conversations after, too. Mostly because people have stereotypical expectations about pastors. Why is it so weird that I was dancing the Macarena and doing the Robot on the dance floor? Don't all pastors do that?
(Seriously, last night I got to pray with a couple whose grandson Dylan was in some critical care at three months of age. Please pray for him to heal!)

I have loved having my family attached at my side, too. After the ceremony I just had to run to Wendy and tell her how much I love her and that I will forever keep my vows to her! Another nuance in the wedding officiating for me is what God is teaching me and doing in me now that I am a father. Below is a letter I will print out and put in Isella's journal that I am keeping for her!

Dear Isella,
You had your first wedding experience. I was officiating the ceremony for two great Christians who God brought together. I got to see two people vow to commit to love each other and rely on God's power to have a marriage that thrives and lasts. I usually get a little choked up when I am doing a ceremony because preparing always reminds me how much I love your mom and how I would do it all over again with her. But now that we have you I have more reasons to get emotional. As I watched the bride's father "give her away" tonight I couldn't help but think some day I will do that for you. Just thinking about it causes me to well up. Not so much that some day I will "lose you" to your future husband (although I do get a little sad thinking about that and that I loved you first song hits me right in the gut), but because of this amazing privilege God has given me to raise you up to be a godly woman--just like your mom--and prepare you for two things--1-to raise you to love God and be a blessing to the world and if God wills a total gift to your future husband and 2-first and foremost (if God wills) to wait and find a worthy man who loves God with his whole heart and will love and honor you! After the ceremony I was holding you and walking through out the wedding hall talking to you about how much I love you and how I vow to give you my best so that you can be who God created you to be. I desperately pray and hope that you see God's good plan for your life and that you make great choices that honor him. Every day I will pray for you and remind you of this so that when that one day comes and I give you away and you are now longer under my care, I can faithfully say to you that I have loved raising you and preparing you for the life God has for you!
Dio Ti Benedica figlia mia! Ti amo con tutto corozone mio!

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