Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chase me, Catch me

What a (good) crazy long week. A week of 14 hour days (training week for the interns) ended with an ER visit and a 72 hour virus for Isella. We were so thankful when Friday afternoon she became our happy little girl again. It was so hard to see her cry and just have to "push" through it until the fever broke. I'm so glad it did. Now I can celebrate Father's day with out worries. So in honor of Father's day I have a dad refelction!

My daughter has been doing this thing for a while. It's the "Chase Me" game. She crawls as fast as she can around the coffee table (or into her bedroom), looking behind her to see if we'll chase her.

And of course, we (either Wendy or I) DO chase her. We say, "I'm gonna get you!" (Which is so funny because that seems like such a weird thing to say. "I'm gonna get you?" Isn't that a line from some B horror movie? Somehow it ended up being a playful game for kids.

Anyway..along the chase, we play Peek-a-boo, and duck behind doorways and tables saying, "I see you." She just giggles and loves it. She will often bend around corners and just scream gleefully!

I can't help but think of God while this exchange is going on. When I catch her I just hug, kiss, tickle, and tell her I love her over and over and over. (As I'm doing that I always sense God saying to me, "Tony, I LOVE YOU, I love YOU, I LOVE you, I LOVE you, I LOVE YOU, too!") Then she gets up and starts the whole thing over. Almost as if to say, "Will you keep chasing me?" And I always want to answer: YES! Isella, Papa loves you and always wants to be close to you!

Isn't that what we all want? We want to be wanted, we want to be chased...even when we are running away.

I'm glad that's what God does!

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