Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garage sales and bachelor parties

Today was a full, but good day!

Can I interest you in some Nordic dolls? (Even though the troll resembles the creepy little guy in the Sonny Bono movie from the 80's).

Or how about Mr. Wonderful?

Everyone needs a bedside lamp with a spinning wheel on it.

These and other used items (like half burnt candles, VHS tapes, and sweaters--which didn't sell so well in the triple digit heat) were displayed and sold with zest today!

In an effort to PURGE & downsize before our move we partnered with
my in-laws and threw a "two family garage sale," & haggled with all the bargain shoppers! Some of them come with a fire to get a deal! And I had no problem playing Monty Hall. I was happy with the cash we took home and the stuff we unloaded. So humbling to think of our American culture of consumerism. I am such a product of it.

After we packed up the leftovers for Goodwill I met up with a bunch of Godly men from our community who were celebrating Frankie Markovich. In 6 short days he'll be saying I do.

I missed the hike and golf outing but made it for the best part. A time of encouragement and prayer. Frankie's brother made him wear an ultra-tight/small green t-shirt in which all the guys wrote truth and encouragements to him as a future husband. After spurring him on to love his wife we prayed for him. Now that's a good bachelor party in my opinion.

And OK, of course there was lots of MEAT, especially tri-tip steak, SCUM-a fast pool table style game, and of course "bathroom humor." I don't know what it is about men, but we like talk about about the noises and things that come out of our body! I laughed a little too hard, but hey-we did it all to the glory of God!

Three cheers for men (of God!).

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Matt Nightingale said...

Love it... Reminds me of your bachelor party in some ways... SO different from mine! Brothers in Christ hanging out together and encouraging each other. Amazing.