Sunday, August 24, 2008

imix..while enjoying time off

God continues to speak to me through music. Do you ever just find yourself weeping while you you listen in your car or on your ipod? Whether by myself or in a crowd of people it doesn't matter-when I am centered on God he can reach me, settle me, and move in me through music. I create this mix on the heels of summer. Post interns, sans crazy summer pace. I am tired, exhausted really, but thankful. I am enjoying time off, being with my family and without any real agenda or appointments. It's nice to decompress. This mix tells the story of the summer and moving forward. Will you stay the same or will you change? Will you choose to act the show or live the life? I hear these questions posed to me and now I turn them to you through these songs. I dedicate them to Autumn ( a great musician and enjoyer of music who shared some of these songs with me), the summer interns, and Rashell--who waited patiently for this imix. Lets live live prayerfully, Biblically, and authentically with no secrets--as a way to thank God and honor Him.

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