Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vacation Vacation..oh, How I love you

So right after our amazing HOT WATER WEEKEND (8/1-8/3 VIDEO TO COME IN A FEW DAYS)--The Gap fam jetted four hours up to the mountains! There is nothing like a vacation in a place with no cell phone reception (our cabin has almost zero!) that helps you relax...a little bit at least. You can only do so much relaxing with a toddler, can I get an amen from any parents out there?, We have from 11:30-1:30 every day and then from 6:30pm on to read, nap, watch movies, etc. Otherwise from 7am on we are chasing our little girl around the cabin or hanging at the beach trying to keep her from swimming out into Lake Tahoe. (She is a total water baby. What is it with kids that don't care how cold the water is? I feel like such a wimp! She always wanted to stay longer in the water than I did and I would have to take her out--with tears in her eyes!)

BUT...thanks to grandparents we DID got some solo time outside of the normal nap and bed time schedule. Wendy and I actually got to have some time to be together alone at the beach (and access to wireless internet thanks to Pops' laptop). It was great.

It's been all too short though. A small 5 days, which extended to 6, we were loving it so much. (Although I am looking forward to a 10 day staycation--vacation while staying at home to close out August)!

So, tomorrow morning I will be headed back home to the last Sunday of Mercy Cafe and the last Sunday with our interns. We also will be celebrating baptisms on the lawn at 4:3o pm, too.

This next week is intense as we close out the summer and say goodbye to our summer interns. It also means all the fall planning for our young adults will come out next week, too. Stay tuned for dates of retreats, the deep, and discipleship nights, etc.

I will produce one more VLOG for the end of the summer. PS. No one one the "Starbucks contest." There really is one less Starbucks..and it was the one in Albertson's/Lucky's! 7 left in RWC, now.

More soon...

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