Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, it's almost come to a close. A great two weeks ending with Labor Day weekend. I will return to host Sunday Night at PCC tonight and rejoin the La Tartine crowd-then back in the office Tuesday. But I wanted to do a quick recap--for my own reflection--and if any readers care to know how "productive" I was the past two weeks. Wink, wink.

So, let's see. If this were the first day of school and I was assigned an essay on how I spent my summer Staycation it would be:

Sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. Mind you that "sleeping in" with a toddler consists of 7:30 am, and when my wife takes the early shift, I got to 8:30am. (Quite a difference from the "good ol' days of waking at 10am!).

Spent lots of time reading and watching movies--another post on that soon.

Good times of journaling and enjoying my new spot-a bistro table which I bought to journal and read in the forest-----our backyard.

Lots of organizing and more unpacking-Finally have some, I repeat, SOME organization in the garage from our mid-summer move which we still have about 10% left to finish.

and lots of trips around our great Bay Area with my awesome, little family!

Pretty much no time on facebook, no email, and only two times blogging-and I rarely answered (or returned) phone calls promptly. It was a much needed break!

Here are various pictures from my STAYCATION!

Needless to say, I soaked in so much time with my daughter. She is a blast. Her little personality is so fun and she has tons, tons, tons of energy that make me feel old, old, old!

Isella got a chalkboard and has started following in her mom's footsteps already. She's got the making of a teacher. It's so cute how she draws and gets proud of herself for reaching high. She always wants us to draw balloons.

Below is her 1st painting experience at the San Jose Children's Museum.

In her animal sound variety show, she's now picked up the HOWL of a wolf. ARROOO--OOOH-OOH-OOOH

My wife Wendy made some great hamburgers and I got to grill them out! Sooo Good. And yes, I do wear that chef's hat. learned a lot from my 8 years of restaurant experience: It's all about keeping the hair out of the food- and a chef's hat looks better than a hairnet.

Time well spent.


John Liotti said...

sounds like you had a good time. I'm 'feelin' you' about the unpacking. We just moved and it seems that the boxes are multiplying like rabbits in the garage.

Bistro table, eh? I need to get one of them for my little backyard...

Candice said...

LOVE the pictures of Isella. She's such a happy, lively, beautiful girl. I'm glad you, Wendy, and Isella were able to decompress and enjoy one another. May your fall show the fruit of this restful time!

Autumn said...

Seriously, that little girl of yours is SO ADORABLE!! Those curls. . .
let me know if you need a babysitter anytime soon!