Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a witness

Like I said in this last post, I am so ready for more of God's power and praying to see him move more. God's kingdom is breaking through into our life, into our world! Last month I personally witnessed two people physically healed by God's people through prayer. Here's a story of Rashelle, one of the women in our church family, who was healed during a time of prayer on our young adult retreat. She was jumping up and down on her ankle that had been in pain and unable to hold weight. All of us there witnessed it and broke out in applause and thanks to God. When I talked to Rashelle, a few days after to see how she was doing, she laughed and said, "I went running for the first time today and I'm wearing high heels right now." Awesome. And that's not the only story.

Meet Richard.

I'm telling ya, God wants his power to amaze people and display his love and glory.
Richard was healed when we were praying with Street Church. We prayed for anyone who had any physical pain to be healed in the group huddle. No one specifically asked for prayer, we just did. After we finished he came up and said it was as if God was speaking right to him as we prayed. He no longer had the the pain he was dealing with in his arm and in his leg. In his words he said, "I feel light [not heavy]."

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